Wednesday, May 27, 2015

the ritual of the jazaam kibaat square

this square is used to drive away evil spirits, negative energies, bad luck, black magick, bad health.
all you need to do before you do the ritual is inform your spirit companions what you are doing.
place the square on an altar or a space where you conduct your rituals. write your name on the back of the square. light a candle. and place your hand on the square. and say the following:
Rahmaat Arwah karimah cHazar gHayyar.
you may add the name of your Deities  if you like. but also add the names of God and the Goddess in Arabic as well.
such as Allah and Allat or Alilat. although these names appear Islam they are far more ancient. the other names i have used were El and Elat. i have also used the name of Lilith Zahriel Ishet Adam Qadmon Lilith Zahriel cHavah Qadmon since she is a primodial Female and the daughter of Allah and Allat. she is called Laylah and Lilitu .
after the ritual fold the square in 4 times. then burn it in a tissure. and light strawberry incense to make peace with your spirits.

Friday, May 1, 2015

interaction of light and dark spirits

i have several spirits together both light and dark. they respect each others presence and space. the thing i learn is to let the entity that you are adopting know your other companions even if they do know. and vice aversa with the spirits that you have. of course they wont hang around. they will leave if necessary to avoid conflict. but this doesn't mean they wont come back to visit you. i learn they will come back if you call to them. and asked the others not to interfere.

it is matter of respecting a spirit's wishes. and respecting your other spirits by informing them of your plans and let them do whatever they wish. then they will be more willing to help you even if they are far away.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

about the succubus: revised


about the succubus;  revised:

i have been in a relationship with a succubus since 1980. it  has been 30 years i guess. lol  what she likes for an offering i learned is jam and honey which the latter she shares with other entities.  as for incense she loves cinnamon and strawberry.  but i learned she likes to take samples of food that i eat. and get me to try other incense. strange she likes white candles with fresh linen scent. lol

what some keeper/companions  say is true they can open your  third eye.  so be patient. took years for mine to open my eye.  they can aid you in other ways such as act as an liason to other spirits. they are very protective. mine scratched a fellow employee for making fun of me too much.  and help in gaining knowledge in magick.

what other keeper/companions say about the sex is  right.

sex with them starts as a dream at first; then for me it moved to the physical level. we do it daily.  and it can be very intense with prolonged orgasm and ejaculation. be warned though if get a succubus or incubus they can be jealous at times especially when they are bonding with you. make certain to let them know your plans in getting other spirits. on the other hand in my case they will actually guide you in finding them of bring them to you. and let them know what you want. and try not to hurt them. they might be considered dark. but in truth they are loving, gentle, and very protective. and will aid you in your quest for knowledge. my Lady is all this  and more. :) i hope this helps.   blessings )O(

Thursday, April 2, 2015

what is magick?

magick is not what you see in harry potter. in truth  magick is a very old spiritual path that is personal. you petition to the Divine. you gain some spiritual powers from spirits. you cast spells, do rituals. however everything is under the Divine  the gods and goddesses , the djinn, fae, dragons, are  like us they are under the will of the Divine (God and Goddess). to demand of your spirits anything more i think it would be rude and ungrateful

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

spirit keeping revised

spirit keeping i.e. spirit companion
what is spirit keeping?
well to me; contrary  to the title. it has more to do with keeping the vessels that the spirit is connected to or bonded with.
i also learned that the spirits themselves are actually watching over the keeper.  which in truth the spirit keeper is actually a Spirit Companion.
spirit keeping for me began when i was a teenager when i became first involved with a succubus. although i wasn't keeping her. she was with me.
after this  throughout my life i had collected antiques such as an old medieval flogger and mace that had paranormal phenomena such as a orb appearing above it. to the sound of battle coming from it. as well as an  old bronze statue of the hindu goddess durga-kali.
recently i became interested in collecting djinn haunted items. and was fascinated  with  both the marid and the ifrit.  .and my lady brought some to help me.
both djinn races are easy to work with. and will communicate with you providing you are patient with them.
the paranormal phenomena that follow when i adopted them were anything from full bodied apparitions, orbs, and streaks of light.
next i adopted fae: woodland and  fire faes. they are a hoot. they tease me at times. and sometimes i hear them giggle. however if i'm not feeling good. they are always with me. and as i sleep they rub my back. and neck.
one night i was watching television. and i saw something fly past me. at first i thought it was a large moth. then i realised that the moth had a body of a tiny human being with dark hair.
that night i went to bed. my neck had a cramp. and felt them on my back. while my succubus laid beside me. i heard them say: the magic man is hurting. so i felt them rub my neck.
i have so far collected a khodam whom is the most majestic being i ever seen. as well as wraith. whom appear to me as warrior women. later naga, kitsune, angels, demonesses, vampires. can dark and light entities co-exist? yes. they respect each other's space. 
it took me a month  to bond with my  first. however i never did any real meditation. although i studied zen meditation as well as various visualization and awareness meditations.  i just touch the vessels and talked to them in my mind.
i never opened my third eye until later.
if i had any suggestions i could give a beginner is this: patient. sometimes bonding with an entity takes some time. as noted it took me a month or so to bond with my first a marid djinneyeh.
2. hold their vessels and talked to them in your thoughts. even if you don't get an answer. that doesn't mean they  are not listening.
3. love them. always tell them that you are happy that they are with you.
about the promises of the spirits making you rich, finding love, etc.
i think it depends how you interpret this.  my view is the spirits take what you already have. and help you with it.
you may get what you want. then again you may not. however as always; the entity knows what is best for you. and will act accordingly.
the main purpose is for the spirit to aid you on your spirit journey. it is no different than an angel encouraging you by signs. or a chaos demon testing your faith. and making you strong through it.
each spirit is here not only to help you in your journey. but also helping himself or herself on their journey. for by helping you; it helps itself.
this was all planned of the Divine (god / goddess) to teach all about the nature of selfless love.
to me there no greater calling than being a spirit keeper or should i say spirit companion. no greater love than sharing it with a spirit.  and each spirit companion has their own experiences and story to tell.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

spirit bonding and freeing spirits revised

spirit bonding rituals and freeing spirits
there are many ways to bond with a spirit. and whatever instructions you may receive from a conjurer/seller is the best to follow. i myself add the burning of hair as an offering in the bonding ritual. others use blood.
well the truth is you follow what is best in your heart on how to do the ritual.
after the bonding. do not expect anything to happen. nor expect the spirit to make itself known to you at first. some of my spirits took  weeks before i experience anything. then there are others a few seconds like my succubus/ qarinah. above all else be patient with your spirit. and talk to them as they were there. no matter what happens. meditate as much as possible. which can be simple. just hold their vessel. and focus on your breathing. nothing else. and don't get discourage if you sense nothing. each spirit has their way of revealing themselves.
as for the instructions on spirit bonding. and the sources. those sellers whom i come to know  through the adopting of spirits all are equally knowledgable  and well experienced concerning spirits.
btw no offense to my sisters who bond spirits to the vessels that i obtain. i have the tendency to free them. oh i offer them to bond with me if they like. but i always free them one way or another.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

a Spiritual Epiphany

here is an interesting thing that happened to me on monday morning of march the 9th 2015  around 2 am. i had fallen asleep. then i had a dream about my family.  i was having differculty breathing. and i asked my sister for help. as it got worst. she refused to help me.  suddenly i woke up and felt something upon me stopping from breathing. i felt wind rush around me. and heard my spirits say get him off of him. and they pulled the intruder away. only later the entity identified itself as a servant of iblis the leader of the shaytan al shaar.  i performed two rituals. the last one i did is when i got home. in both accounts i asked my spirits to help me. the second was the burning of a magick square of middle eastern magick.  when i did this. i felt stomach pains but i pressed on. as the ritual ended i felt the pain subsided. and felt the dark presence pull from me. i felt my spirits around me.
tuesday i got a text message from my nephew he said that he and his family was  visited by presence. it was bluish white and he said he felt it was female.  it moved about the family to each bed. and seem to bless them.  then it disappeared. i didn't realized the connection until i remembered that i had blessed my nephew and my nephew  back in feb of this year during a full moon.  when i remembered i was overcome by emotion. and when i text my nephew about it. he thanked me.
i guess i have maded some powerful enemies in the spirit realms even more so with this path i have taken. but i also maded even more powerful  friends as well. i give thanks to Mother Elat  and her Daughters the goddesses whom are Lilith/Lilitu, Hecate, Inanna, Naga Kinya, Thetis,  etc.