Wednesday, April 29, 2015

about the succubus: revised


about the succubus;  revised:

i have been in a relationship with a succubus since 1980. it  has been 30 years i guess. lol  what she likes for an offering i learned is jam and honey which the latter she shares with other entities.  as for incense she loves cinnamon and strawberry.  but i learned she likes to take samples of food that i eat. and get me to try other incense. strange she likes white candles with fresh linen scent. lol

what some keeper/companions  say is true they can open your  third eye.  so be patient. took years for mine to open my eye.  they can aid you in other ways such as act as an liason to other spirits. they are very protective. mine scratched a fellow employee for making fun of me too much.  and help in gaining knowledge in magick.

what other keeper/companions say about the sex is  right.

sex with them starts as a dream at first; then for me it moved to the physical level. we do it daily.  and it can be very intense with prolonged orgasm and ejaculation. be warned though if get a succubus or incubus they can be jealous at times especially when they are bonding with you. make certain to let them know your plans in getting other spirits. on the other hand in my case they will actually guide you in finding them of bring them to you. and let them know what you want. and try not to hurt them. they might be considered dark. but in truth they are loving, gentle, and very protective. and will aid you in your quest for knowledge. my Lady is all this  and more. :) i hope this helps.   blessings )O(